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Window Type Airconditioners
We offer Window Type Airconditioners ranging from 0.75 TR to 2.5 TR

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Comfort is a short breeze away with SAMSUNG bio sleeplus air conditioners  

Comfort Care - instant comfort through fuzzy control of humidity & temperature based comfort Index Simply controlling the temperature does not guarantee comfort. People can feel comfort or discomfort even at the same temperature due to the varying level of humidity in the air. SAMSUNG understands this completely and is equipped with the know-how that the ideal composite index is 21. This has helped SAMSUNG create 'Comfort Care' technology. Comfort Care is a unique technology that not only provides powerful cooling, but automatically adjusts humidity so that you're truly cool and comfortable.  

How Comfort Care Works?

1. It first measures the humidity and temperature of the room.
2. Then it calculates what temperature and humidity is needed to reach the comfort index.
3. Comfort Care adjusts the temperature and humidity automatically until the comfort index is reached.

Not too Hot, not too Cold, just Perfect
Too much air conditioning is not only hazardous to your health, but also hazardous to the environment as it wastes energy. SAMSUNG Air Conditioners use the least amount of energy to maintain comfort levels so you and the environment stay healthy.

No More Wasteful Cooling
1. Customized cooling, which reduces energy waste.
2. No need to reset the temperature with automatic temperature control.
3. Accurately measures humidity and temperature to maintain the ideal comfort index.
BEE 5 star rating
India's Star performers- SAMSUNG Air Conditioners are engineered to consume minimum energy. In fact, the BEE Star-Rated SAMSUNG Air Conditioner range is one of the most energy efficient range in India. With a SAMSUNG Air Conditioner you consume less energy which contributes to saving the Earth's resources and the environment.

The Advantages of Star-Rated ACs
The performance of Star-Rated ACs doesn't just have an impact on the environment, it benefits you as well. Firstly you save on energy consumption which reduces your electricity bills. In addition, you get better performance from your AC, which conforms to international standards on power consumption.

How to Buy a Star-Rated AC?
Look at the stars on the BEE Label. The stars are a rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Rating is done on a scale of 1 - 5 stars. The more stars there are, the more energy efficient the product is.

Ag+ Silver Coated Filter
Silver has been widely recognised for its antibacterial and sanitisation effects. SAMSUNG has coated its filter with silver to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses that can reside in filters. The air is always clean with SAMSUNG air conditioners.

Mood lamp
The blue light signals the purification of the air as it adds a peaceful aura to the room.

Bio sleep - 3 stage temperature control for an un-interrupted sleep & 36% power savings
Sweet Dreams with Biosleep
Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night because the air conditioning had made the room hot or uncomfortably chilly? You won't face such problems anymore thanks to SAMSUNG's biosleep. This innovative technology has been developed with extensive research of human sleep patterns. Biosleep works with your bio-rhythm and adjusts the room temperature according to your body's natural needs. You not only enjoy an un-interrupted night's sleep but wake up refreshed, alert and ready for a new day ahead.

Best Temperature for Un-interrupted Sleep
It gets hot without the air conditioner, yet it's too cold if the air conditioner is left on. Switching the air conditioner on and off is an ongoing dilemma in the heat of summer. And then there's the worry of a high electricity bill if the AC is left running all night. But you can say goodbye to all this with SAMSUNG's biosleep. It helps you sleep comfortably by keeping the temperature and humidity at pleasant levels. And saves energy too!

Smart Saver - saves up to 31% on electricity bills
You no longer have to turn off your air conditioner when you feel the room is cool enough and turn it back on again when the room becomes hot to save electricity. Smart Saver operates the air conditioner automatically in the least amount of time necessary to cool the room, which saves electricity. In studies, up to 31% of electricity was saved by setting the temperature to 26°C when the outdoor temperature was 30°C. With the Smart Saver, you can stop worrying about your electricity bill and start enjoying cool comfort.

When is the Smart Saver Needed?
When you repeatedly turn the air conditioners on and off to stay cool because you want to save energy.- When you don't want to waste energy cooling an empty or near empty room.- When it's not unbearably hot, but it's still uncomfortable, so you debate turning on the air conditioner.

Save Energy. Save Earth.
SAMSUNG's air conditioner presents the never seen before Smart Saver function for efficient cooling with less energy consumption. With this function, users significantly save energy and money. Feel proud that you are doing your part in preserving the environment by using a product that helps save nature's resources.
UTR plus compressor - cools even at 54°C
SAMSUNG's UTR (Ultra Tropical Rotary) Plus™ compressor features incredible power that can quickly cool even in severe climates. UTR Plus™ maintains superb performance even in severe temperatures of up to about 54°C, that too for a long time.

High-Efficiency Compressor
EER: 5 - 10% Higher than Reciprocating Compressors SAMSUNG air conditioner with its UTR Plus™ compressor has greater energy capacity and higher efficiency. It also uses less power.

Light Weight - Easy Maintenance
Weight: 30% Lighter than Reciprocating Compressors The UTR Plus™ compressor is created with innovative and durable yet light weight materials. This allows for stress-free maintenance. It is also easier to install as it is 30% lighter than reciprocating compressors.

Longer Life
The life of the UTR Plus™ compressor has been extended thanks to durable materials and a new welding method. Now you can enjoy the powerful performance of your air conditioner for a longer time.

Performance Reliability Certificate
SAMSUNG's UTR Plus has received a Performance Reliability Certificate from the Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE), University of Maryland, USA. Performance and reliability tests showed that SAMSUNG's UTR Plus™ surpasses all other compressors on the market by 80 - 100%, making SAMSUNG's compressor the leader in power and reliability.

Washable grill with easy filters
The grill can be detached quickly so that the dust on the grill can be washed off with water. Plus the filters can be accessed & removed easily for cleaning.

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