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Wall Mounted Inverter Type (Cooling Only / Heat Pumps)

Uniform models from 1.0 TR to 1.8 TR

Model No. for Cooling: FTKS35, FTKS50, FTKS60, FTKS71

Model No. for Heating: FTXS35, FTXS50, FTXS60, FTXS71

Quiet Sound level:
As low as 22 dB(A).

A full line-up of uniform models from 1.0 TR to 1.8 TR using R-410A Refrigerant.

New Flat Panel Design:
The simple & stylish flat panel design harmonises with any interior décor.

Easy-to-use and read LCD wireless remote controller.

Intelligent Eye:
Intelligent eye prevents energy wastage by using its infrared sensor to detect human movement in a room.

Power-Air Flow Dual Flaps:
To regulate the outlet aperture to an optimum shape so that cool air slides off to reach the farthest corners of the room. The flaps can direct warm air straight down to the floor during heating operation.

Energy Savings:
The unit is equipped with a Reluctance DC compressor, Which controls power used in accordance with load variation which leads to industry leading COP as high as 4.17.

Econo Mode:
This function limits both the maximum running current & maximum power consumption to 70% of those during normal operation.

Air-Purifying Filter:
Air-Purifying filter with Photocatalytic deodorizing function is able to trap microscopic particles, decompose odours & deactivate viruses.

Auto Restart:
Memorization of operating conditions on power failure.

Auto Fan Speed:
The microprocessor automatically controls the fan speed to most efficiently adjust the actual room temperature to the set temperature.

Self Diagnosis Function:
Malfunction codes are shown on the digital display panel of wireless remote controller for the fast & easy maintenance.

On/Off Timer:
This function allows a 12-hour timer to be set at the push of a single button.

Night Set Mode:
To provide comfortable sleep by preventing any sudden change in room temperature.

Program "Dry" Mode:
For reducing level of humidity while maintaining room temperature.

Hot Start:
Uncomfortable cold air is avoided when heating operation starts ( Available only with heat pump models).

Long Piping Length:
Piping length between indoor & outdoor unit can go upto 30 Meters which is useful for easy & flexible Installation.

Heat exchange fins of outdoor unit is provided with anti-corrosion treatment to achieve increased durability.









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