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Ceiling Mounted Cassette Type Non Inverter (Multi Flow) Type Airconditioners

We offer Cassette Type Ceiling Mounted Airconditioners ranging from 1.0 TR to 4.1 TR

Quiet Sound level:
As low as 29 dB(A).

A full line-up of uniform models from 1.0 TR to 4.1 TR.

This product is also available as a Heat Pump Model

Unified Square Panels:
Panels are the same size in all the models. Maintain a neat appearance where multiple units are installed.

Multi-Flow System:
Different flow direction can be selected according to installation.

Filter Sign:
The filter signs warns you when it is time to clean the filter.

Controller: Easy-to-use and read LCD wired remote controller (standard) and wireless remote controller (optional)

Self Diagnosis Function: Display of malfunction codes on the LCD of remote controller & an LED on the unit illuminates.

Multi Series Operation: Simultaneously operates 2 to 4 indoor units using a single outdoor unit.

Auto Restart: Memorization of operating conditions on power failure.

Fresh Air Intake: Fresh air intake is possible through additional intake kit.

Switchable Fan Speed: High setting provides maximum reach while low setting minimizes drafts.

Long Piping Length: Piping length between indoor & outdoor unit can go upto 50 Meters which is useful for easy & flexible Installation.

Low Gas Level Detection: Effective gas monitoring reduces the labour required for operation, maintenance & repairs.

Durability: Heat exchange fins of outdoor unit is provided with anti-corrosion treatment to achieve increased durability.

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